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About Us

If you are searching for a church where you can enjoy a vibrant, personal fulfilling relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, then ACHIEVERS WORLD is the place to be. We offer various programs, activities and ministries that you and your family will benefit from.

Here at ACHIEVER’S WORLD ASSEMBLY, you will discover that we care about you and your family; our desire as a church—a body of believers in Christ Jesus—is to assist you on the path towards your spiritual growth. 

We endeavor to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of everyone that comes to our church. This is a church where God’s word is taught in a clear and practical manner, relevant to us and to our situations today, resulting in an understanding of the things that God requires of us.

Once again, thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you find the information on this site helpful.

Pastor Marvin Iwaya (Godsman) – Senior Pastor

Messages from the throne-room

The Spirit of God speaks through our pastor and other anointed men and women of God words that inspire us to be the best that we can. These messages prepare us to be earthly useful and heavenly conscious. Enjoy some of them as constantly updated below.

Yes! You Can

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Revival By Fire

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Our Mission and Mandate

To bring people to the realization of the fulfillment of their God given dreams and potentials.

We believe that God has given everyone dreams that light the path to their destiny and the ability to be and do much more than we know. Our job is to identify these deposits and provide an environment where they can flourish.

To teach people the Word of God with integrity.
We believe that the Bible is the recorded Word of God and we challenge each other to live according to the standards established therein.

To build up responsible men and women.
We believe in raising leaders who are relevant in our society and can respond adequately to the needs of a changing world.
To impact our society.

We believe that the Church of Christ exists not only to transform the Believer but to enable the believer to become an agent of transformation in all facets of society.

Call Us Today for FREE Counseling and Prayers

Because your spiritual and physical wellbeing is our concern, we would love to share in your challenges and lift you up in prayers to our God who answers prayers. We believe every challenge is surmountable through prayers…Call us Now.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the one and only true God is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit the Creator. We hold this belief and others as stated below.

The Holy Bible

Is the infallible and authoritative Word of God, given directly to all man and women for salvation.

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

The blood of Jesus Christ, which was shed for us at Calvary, cleanses us from all sins, and provides ground for justification and salvation.

Living Testimonies

Jesus has the solution to your issues.

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”
– Jeremiah 32:27

Let your Testimony be the next! Visit us or Send your prayer request Now.

Three years of working with the bank, was not confirmed until my wife insisted I go see Pastor and the man of God said in a short prayer  said ‘Not too long from now you shall be confirmed’ I was shocked by the way he ended the prayers so quickly. A  week later it came to pass. We serve an awesome God

Bro Steven .O


2020 Our Year of DIVINE SPEED

By the mandate of Heaven, we have prophetically declared this year as our season of DIVINE SPEED.  Pulled from Genesis 24:12, Our prayer is for Godspeed. We want you to be part of what God is about to do in and through us.

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Sundays 10.00am - 12 Noon. Watchout for more Service Days